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Peter – I have read “The Cross & the Switchblade” many many moons ago ( I am ?? – don’t tell ) and I did not realize it at that stage, but it left an imprint on my mind for years – you have all my support and I pray that our G-D will bless you with and in all you need and that this WILL be the biggest hit Broadway has ever seen!

I pray that there will be souls saved and healed when this musical hits the major theater capitals of the world in such way you & I can’t imagine and to G-D be the glory, always!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to contribute towards your “blessing” if only by sharing with everyone I know. Also a huge thanks from my heart for the gift – going to LOOOOVE it and for your trust in me – may our Good LORD bless you abundantly! Success & prosperity in our G-d is my wish for you in all you do!

Sincere Jesus love



It is such an honor to know you and see what you are doing with your amazing talent! You are made in God’s image and will succeed. I want to thank you for being a huge inspiration to me and showing me that I have the potential to be great. I will do everything in my power to get the word out about you and your musical.

I am also VERY involved in theater and acting. It is my calling and dream to be an actor. I hope to follow in your foot steps on the road to success…

Thank you again.


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