When It Pours, Reign!

Have you ever plucked up the courage to pull out a dream, stepped out from the shadows, to finally shine – and someone comes along and rains on your parade?

They literally dump on you – for whatever reason – out of jealousy, envy, or a sense of lack that is rooted in their own inadequacies. Or in fact, because they have seen others with similar dreams, or rather fantasies, appear on the horizon throughout the years – with possibly questionable motives – and they immediately judge you and slot you into the same mould.

Before they ever hear your heart, you are condemned.

Oh it is so easy to be a critic. But yet, to be criticized is to stand inĀ  grand company.

To dare to dream, and to face the taunts of those in humanity who will never step forth from the shore, but will always nestle in the security of their insecurity – and yet take potshots at those who do push out into the greater depths of vulnerability, wherein lies the possibility of failure or success, is to stand with royalty.

Ignore their mediocre and barbarous words, and let me encourage you to be crowned by your efforts. For you have decided that when it pours, you will reign.

Long live you, and long live your dream.

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