Vision’s Velocity

To have a vision is to live a life overflowing with abundance.

Abundance of purpose. Abundance of energy. Abundance of creativity. Abundance of ideas.

But it all starts with a vision.

My vision for this musical has provided me with the audacity to declare to the world that we are going to take ‘The Cross & The Switchblade – The Musical’ to the major musical theater capitals of the world.

But some say…‘But you don’t have a producer yet. You don’t have a director. You don’t have the artists. You don’t even have the theater.’ But that doesn’t matter. Because when you have a dream and you have a vision – these things will all materialize in good time.

There was a time when I didn’t have a musical, and I didn’t even have a website to promote my musical. But at this very moment hundreds are beginning to flock to my website, to listen to my music and to my fan pages. Momentum is building.

It is all because of not only the vision of those who took this true story and converted it into a book and a film, but it is also because of the vision that I have for this project as its creator.

So make sure that you never live another moment without clearly identifying your own vision. And if you fail to have a goal at present – make it your goal to get a goal. Make it your vision to get a vision. Make it your dream to get a dream.

With a dream and vision in your heart you will take on whatever opposition that comes your way and overcome as a winner and as a champion. This is vision’s velocity.

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