Use Your Gifts

You are one of a kind. Unique in every dimension. Knitted together in completeness. Molded and fashioned, muscle by muscle, tendon by tendon, bone by bone, and nerve by nerve. A miraculous creation.

Life, to attain growth, must walk hand in hand with death. For maturity to take place, old ways must die. New ways must live.

Consider the cocoon. From outside we perceive death residing within. For did we not see a living and vibrant caterpillar spin its own coffin?

Inanimate. Yet after a short death there is movement once again. Life pierces the very thing that seemed to hold it. From within the capsule bursts forth something far more beautiful than that which entered the grave; a grave of transformation.

The caterpillar was never born just to crawl. Deep within she possessed the gift of flight. She was born to fly.

You too have a gift. What is it? What brings you joy? Seek out opportunity to use it. Refine it. Practice. Experiment. But whatever you do, don’t allow the dust of the years of neglect, to gather on the gift God has deposited in your life.

A gift is to be given, so share it with others.

Don’t hide it, and never, never sit under the shadow of another’s gift. Even though every butterfly has been painted with different shades of colour, every butterfly has been born to fly.

So fly butterfly fly. Catch the wind. Set your colorful sails and fly. Fly higher than you’ve ever flown before. Reach for the stars and far beyond.

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