The Widow’s Prayer

Last week I was prompted to open up communication with a lady whom I haven’t spoken to in years.

For the first half an hour or so of the telephone conversation she recounted all the events occurring in her family.

On discovering that we now lived on acreage, she shared a funny account about one of her family members who happens to live on a major main road in Sydney. At his address traffic noise is at a premium all year round. He took a trip to a farm property in the bush, as we call it, and after the first night he reported to everyone present that he had been unable to get any sleep that night because of all the noise – God’s creation noise. I guess it’s what you’re used to.

In a slight lapse in the conversation I asked, ‘Heather, do you mind if I share with you about a project I’m working on?’

And that’s when I began to talk about the musical ‘The Cross & The Switchblade’ and about my plans to take it to New York.

Well at that precise moment it was as if heaven dropped into the room, because this widow began to pray such a powerful prayer. And the more she prayed the more goosebumps appeared on the back of my neck. She then started to yell through the phone, ‘Peter I’ve got it. I’ve got it. I’ve pulled it down. I’ve pulled it down. I’ve pulled it down.’

Now this is the same woman who prayed some years ago for my youngest daughter’s stigmatism in one of her eyes – and the very next day my daughter was asked by the eye doctor why she was coming to get glasses.

The stigmatism had miraculously disappeared.

And then Heather said, ‘I had a family come to me recently to ask me to pray for a new vehicle for them. And I did. I pulled it down Peter. I pulled it down, and the very next week they turned up to church in a brand new vehicle that God had provided for them. As I pray tonight about your musical it’s the same thing again.’

After hanging up the phone that night I knew for certain that heaven had heard, and that earth would unveil.

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