The Unexpected Letter

My purpose in creating my blog MyBlackPiano was always to record my journey towards the launching of my musical ‘The Cross & The Switchblade’ on the world’s stage – while also inspiring others to dust off their own dreams and go again.

And in the process I have decided that all the way through I am going to be transparent in all my communications. You are going to read and watch (with my upcoming video blogs) my heart.This will achieve one of two things – understanding or ridicule. Well that’s cool, because the saints of old experienced the same. So I am in grand company.

November 24, 2009

On this day my father’s eldest sister, who is 79 years old, was led to write me a letter. She knew nothing of my musical, and we had not communicated in this manner for quite some time. Here is a portion of the letter…

‘Whilst going through past history, I came across the tape ‘Destiny’. (This was a recording I made in the 80’s.) Nostalgia filled me as I listened to the music and words. My spirit was stirred up with praise, overflowing joy and Holy Spirit fire. I continued to play it over and over again. I received a knowing to contact you.

The Master’s hand is reaching out to direct your steps to the destiny He planned for you 25+ years ago…..God gave you a talent of music to reach out to save souls – what has become of it?

Anyone can write – however very few can create…music that changes people’s lives… were born for a time such as this – reignite your God-given talent and become a reaper for the Kingdom of God…..Therefore I believe you must dust your feet from the past and complete your assignment to God. Step back into the boat! Have faith in God and go forward – don’t stand idle – there is much to do!’

I was able to respond to Ivena, that a number of months before receiving her letter, that I had already dusted off my dream and had embarked on this faith adventure that she speaks of.

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