The Transforming Power Of Faith At Work

Work In ProgressPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

Faith without works is dead.

However, put the two together, working together simultaneously as one to create a lively and vibrant mix. Well that’s a completely different story. That produces results.

That’s what is so exciting about the faith walk accompanied by a constant state of action – applied action – ever moving forward action that creates an environment of expectancy and wondrous hope.

Restricted To Unrestricted

In doing so you have just stepped out of the restrictive natural and up into the unrestricted supernatural.

This is the place common to our Heavenly Father; for it is there that He lives and breathes. And it is into that place that He so desires to draw us up into this world of creativity – to the place of surprise, wonder and great joy.

This is the same place where the impossible becomes the possible; the improbable transforms itself into the probable and the unattainable into the attainable.

This is the place of the miraculous. This is the space where all mankind was created to occupy and to inhabit. This is heaven on earth, guided by divine direction and led by the original satellite navigator.

This is faith at work.

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