The Priceless Value Of A Soul

It has been stated that the average human body has enough phosphorous to make 800,000 match heads, enough sugar to go into 60 cubes, enough salt to cover 20 spoons, and enough iron to make ten dollars worth of nails. The rest is just dust and water.

How much time do you spend pampering and protecting that which contains all of the above, and can be gone in a fleeting moment.

However, how much time do you spend nurturing the priceless part of your being that will live for an eternity? Whether it be in hell or heaven.

That’s a question worth asking, and one that demands an answer at some point in our life while we are spending it here on planet earth.

Take time today to connect or reconnect with your Heavenly Father. Read His word. Talk to Him. Cuddle up close. Share your heart. Express your concerns. He is ready and waiting to spend time with you – His child today.

To neglect nurturing the priceless portion of your life on a regular basis is too high a price to pay.

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