The Power Of Connectivity

Just this past week I have embarked upon an aggressive and strategic set of activities in pursuit of two entities.

The first is to find a seasoned producer for The Cross & The Switchblade, and second is to find my future audience. Simultaneously, I believe that I can achieve both. That means that by the time the show hits Broadway there will be a crowd waiting to receive what is on offer.

So the first thing to do is to find a producer. By scouring the Internet, and by using specific keywords, I have opened up communication with producers on a number of continents. Of course my major goal is to see the show played on Broadway. But in order to trial the work, and workshop the material, I am happy to do that in any nation.

The second thing is that I have begun building my musical fan base – which will constitute my future audience. I am in a privileged position to be following in the footsteps of a much loved man – David Wilkerson – who happens to be the author of The Cross & The Switchblade.

Through the power of social media I am beginning to forge friendships and relationships Рone on one Рwith a group of awesome people who  have either seen the film, read the book or heard of the story, who are not only going to come to the performances, but who are also going to assist me in spreading the word to thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and dare I say millions Рin English, French, Spanish, German etc.

Just this week I have had direct communication with people from many nations of the world – India, South Africa, South America, Europe, Australia, the UK – the wheels have begun to turn and I am only a few weeks into the project. And the response has already been electric – very positive – especially because they can listen to samples of the music on my website –

This connectivity is going to assist me in building a positive tsunami of momentum  for the whole project. Therein lies the power.

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