The Path Of Persistence

What an amazing few days I have had away interstate.

Two highlights were seeing a performance of ‘Les Mis’, in which one of my family was starring, and getting the opportunity to meet many from the cast and crew personally, and then having lunch with a couple in another city – one of which is starring in a current production of Jersey Boys (one of her co-stars has just been picked to be the next Mary Poppins here in Australia), and the other an actor currently in the midst of writing an original script for his own film with a projected budget of $30 million.

The one thing that all these wonderful people, involved in the industry that is close to my heart as I move towards the staging of ‘The Cross & The Switchblade – The Musical’ was their dogged persistence. One returning from a professional career to re-kick his performance career on the amateur stage (though never ever underestimate the amateurs, because many of them have the ability to pull off professional performances like the one I witnessed), and the others just at the very start of their professional careers.

But the common element demonstrated by them all was the power of persistence that was clearly evident in their lives.

It inspired me. It challenged me to never stop dreaming, to never stop the pursuit of the dream, and of the power of persistence and the necessity of walking along that, at times dark and unknown path – all the way to victory.

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