The Passing Of A Friend

2012-09-01 18.07.53 2This morning I had the unenviable job of having our family pet of 19 years put to sleep – a cat named Moo for short. Her full name was Megzy Moo. She was old, movement was difficult, blind, suffering from a form of dementia and doing things that were harming her overall health. So it was time.

I then had to bring her home from the vet and bury her in a grave that I had already prepared for her in our front garden.

The wooden cross made out of a gum tree branch and joined with vine had been already prepared by my youngest daughter. She’s the one – when she was much younger who  – when we had to bury a guinea pig – cried out as I put the earth on the little body – ‘Daddy stop – he won’t be able to breathe!’  It always brought a smile to our faces when I recounted that story.

But sad morning for us all.

That’s life!

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