The Not So Unlucky Number 13

Towards the end of last year God began to speak to me from the Word of God(The Bible) about the number 13.

I was drawn to the life of Joseph in the Old Testament, and was reminded that he was 17 when he was first sold into slavery, and then 30 when he was promoted to the position of ruler of Egypt. A period of 13 years.

And then I was drawn to the life of Abraham. At the age of 86 he decided to take destiny into his own hands and Ishmael was born. It was another 13 years, when he was 99, before the promised son Isaac was conceived. Again a period of 13 years.

Now why my interest in the number 13? Well it has been 13 years since my musical ‘The Cross & The Switchblade’ was first conceived – and my Heavenly Father continues to encourage me that in the 13th year is when the promise He has given me will be fulfilled.

And to top it off – God’s humour I guess – the house that we moved into this year, that came with the piano that started this whole process of the re-birthing and dusting off of my musical dreams, just happens to be found at number 13. I could have in no way planned or orchestrated that.

Post Note: I have also been led to commence a period of prayer and fasting for 13 consecutive days starting this coming week.

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