The Future Audience Speaks

I am receiving so much positive feedback from my future audience that I thought it would be nice to share some of the love around….enjoy!

Muchas gracias peter por compartirlo, estaré orando y difundiendo la noticia entre mis amigos! El Señor será el protagonista, entonces el mismo moverá los corazones!! Bendiciones y felíz Navidad y Felíz nuevo año. G.L.P.

and in English…

Peter thank you very much for sharing, I will be praying and spreading the news among my friends! The Lord will be the protagonist, then it will move the hearts! Blessings and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. G.L.P.

It really sounds creative the way your team has put this musical together, great way to spread the gospel. My prayers are with you and your team. May God Bless You!! R.H.

Hello Peter, happy to be a fan of The Cross and The Switchblade. This was one of the 1st books I read when I became a Christian. I loved it. How God used David Wilkerson to reach out to violent gangs with the simple message. God loves you.  And the fact it is a true story too blew me away!! I would love to see your musical version but I live in the UK so until it comes here I’ll have to wait for that. I’m not sure how to suggest to friends to become fans as I’m not good on the computer so I have clicked the share tab to post it to the main page. Father I thank you that you are using Peter to take your message of love around the world, transforming lives. I pray that you provide all Peter’s needs and requirements,that this musical will touch and soften hard hearts, that their eyes be opened and they know you are an awesome God, worthy of all praise, that tears will flow and souls be saved. Glory be to God Amen.  B.R.

I did check it out and I like it!!! I can’t help on the producing part because I’m just a high school teacher but I can tell you that the books, meeting the “real” characters and hearing their testimonies, and seeing the movie 12 times in the theater when I was 12 years old changed my life forever!!!!! I have a picture of David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz on my wall above my desk to remind me everyday of what God can do in the lives of young people if someone will dare to reach out to them!!! I have given the books and the movie to many, many people including my own children and they have all been touched by this miraculous story. I will pray for you that God will open the doors needed to get this story out to as many people as possible. Thank you for bringing this legacy into a new venue for this generation!!! God Bless you on your venture!!! J.D.

I pray all goes well for you Peter!!!! May the LORD favor you!! L.R.

I hope it all goes well and that many people’s lives are transformed!! God Bless! H.C.

Peter, I pray God’s blessings on your project. I have seen the Cross and the Switchblade many times and it is a tremendous testimony of Nicky Cruz and David Wilkerson. D.B.S

I was very blessed to read about this project. I am a member of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church and Choir and have several friends who are very talented musically and theatrically. I will certainly forward on this info to as many people as possible. God bless and Merry Christmas. M.L.C.

I became a Fan because the book The Cross and The Switchblade gave me such a surge of faith as a young Christian……Bless you my creative brother! J.H.

Wow thanks for the add! I’ll be checking out the sites you sent. Thank you =) I have a few pastors & youth pastors on my friends list that I’ll be sharing the info with, K? Take care. Blessings, D.M.

Hi Peter, Oh Wow, that sounds great. Yeah, the story of The Cross & the Switchblade is one of the most inspiring stories and has impacted me in ways…I will never understand. I look forward to checking it out and getting to know you further too. In Christ Alone. H.C.

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