The Force Of Faith

the crossPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

In Francis Bacon’s essay ‘Of Atheisme’ which was published in 1625 he wrote, ‘So Man, when he resteth and assureth himselfe, upon divine Protection and Favour, gathereth a Force and Faith; which Human Nature, in it selfe, could not obtaine.’

I can personally attest to the truth of this statement that was written four centuries ago. There are times in our lives, when we reach the end of the possible that can be attained by ourselves alone. And that is when the impossible must take over. And this is where I agree with the angel who spoke to Mary, the mother of Jesus, that was written over twenty centuries ago, ‘For with God nothing will be impossible.’

This protection, this favour, this force, and this faith, when acted upon, opens up an eternal possibility for those who place their lives and their futures into the hands of their Creator.

And as the writer of the Proverbs reminds us: ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.’

The Force Of Peace

Principles are like laws. They never change. So no matter whom you may, or may not worship, make it a point to study the principles that are taught in the ancient books of our world.

I personally live on the foundation of one of the greatest wisdom books ever written; the Bible. Because, whether all the wisdom writers, who have ever lived, believed the Bible or not, or worshiped, or didn’t worship the God of the Bible, they would agree on one thing: the success principles found within its pages will bring personal peace and security.

The Force Of True Greatness

George Long who translated ‘The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius’ wrote – ‘For a man’s greatness lies not in wealth and station, as the vulgar believe, nor yet in his intellectual capacity, which is often associated with the meanest moral character, the most abject servility to those in high places and arrogance to the poor and lowly; but a man’s true greatness lies in the consciousness of an honest purpose in life, founded on a just estimate of himself and everything else, on frequent self-examination, and a steady obedience to the rule which he knows to be right….’

The Force Of Sacrifice

Telling of his experience as a prisoner of war, Ernest Gordon related how after work one evening, a guard noticed that a shovel was missing. Insisting that one of the prisoners had stolen it, he screamed for the guilty party to come forward. Then he prepared to kill them one by one, until someone confessed. Suddenly a Scottish soldier broke rank, stood to attention and said, ‘I did it.’ The guard beat him to death on the spot. When he’d exhausted his fury, the other POW’s picked up their friend’s body along with their tools and returned to camp. At that point the shovels were recounted. The guard was wrong. None were missing!

Someone else gave up His life for us with eternal implications. Jesus changed my life when I, by the force of faith, believed in Him and confessed Him as my Lord.

Have you ever considered him?

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