The First Voice From Broadway

Since November of last year I have received a number of emails from a gentleman who works in the musical industry in Broadway, and I have been given his permission to reprint his communications and I promised to not reveal his identity.

Every comment he has made of my existing work I have taken on board….and so I wanted to share some of his thoughts with you. Please note that as yet he has not seen the work in its entirety, but as represented on my website

Some may say that I would be offended by some of the comments. Sorry. No way. I am looking for a team of people who can work with me to pull apart the current work and put it back into the right order ready for Broadway. I’m more than ready to roll up my sleeves and am confident that we can create a work that will sit well amongst all the successful shows that are currently playing on Broadway.

The First Communication

To Whom It May Concern:

While there is certainly a high level of dramatic tension displayed and maintained in your work, I am curious to know if there is anything light and, for lack of a better word, fun. Is there not a comedy number in the entire score? The glaring need for such a tune is what would indeed prevent associates or other production teams from seeing this as marketable. Even the most serious of musical theater pieces have that comedic relief that an audience so desperately craves after an endless string of ballads, especially since the overwhelming majority of successful musicals being produced today on Broadway have a mostly comic foundation. If you can enlighten me or elaborate on any such humor that may be found in your piece then I would be interested in hearing more about it. Also, in terms of content in the show, what is an appropriate minimum age level for the target demographic? Thank you for your time and assistance.

The Second Communication

Dear Peter,

I apologize for not responding sooner. Issues had piled up and it completely slipped my mind. In response to your question, yes, I indeed can read music (I have taken 11 years of piano lessons and was a music major in college). I just wanted to throw a few considerations your way. I tend to be brutally honest with people, so please don’t be offended if I seem overly frank. However, you really need to try running the entire show by an American……………….Have that American assistant help you with the laughs to tap into the current form of American humor. I apologize again if you have taken offense to any of this, but as someone who loves the American musical, writes it, works professionally in it, and sees it, I just call ‘em like I see it! Best of luck with your next step regarding the show. Please contact me for further clarification if need be.

The Third Communication


I apologize if I came off as overly brazen and somewhat brash; subtlety was never one of my best attributes. Please don’t interpret what I have said with frankness in a critical or offensive way. As a Christian, I genuinely care if this work indeed makes it to the Great White Way. Obviously, if the Lord is truly in this project, I have nothing then to add…it shall open in 2011. I was only merely pointing out some weaker areas that I personally felt could benefit from a bit of reworking. Though I can’t list all my credentials for confidentiality’s sake, just know that (as immodest as this may sound) I do indeed know the “ins” and “outs” of Broadway, why certain shows have failed, insider information, economic scales, and the general business of the industry. Unfortunately, I am in too lowly of a position to ever really pitch a new musical to a producing colleague. All the skepticism and cynicism of deep-pocketed investors is true…until they see and hear whatever they can about a show, they will take nobody’s word for it. Again, I wish you the best in revising the show and building your fan base, but I still firmly believe that another set of eyes and ears can solve any problems that the creator may not be able to see themselves. Collaboration is a beautiful thing in that the simplest and most obvious flaws that escape your attention can immediately be spotted by another writer. Please continue to update your website and keep your fans posted about any news regarding the show. May He guide your way.

I am excited that someone from Broadway has taken the time to begin providing me with greatly appreciated feedback. So come on producers and directors alike who are hiding in the shadows…’s your chance….and here’s your opportunity.

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