The Answer To Life’s Riddle

truthPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

Unraveling why certain events occur in the daily life and death struggles and battles that make up our every day existence here on planet earth is always going to be a difficult task. For whenever we unveil a regular pattern there will always appear a contradiction.

For even in religion – for every religious thought there always seems to be an opposing religious thought. For every black there is a white. For every smooth there is a rough.

What Is Truth

But it is at that point that we join our multitudinous voices to that of Pilate – the executioner of the ‘King Of The Jews’ asking – ‘What is truth?’

Now in answer to that question, if I were to sit in a room of people from a range of faiths – each would have their own interpretation as to what truth means to them.

But in this discussion I cannot speak for each of those faiths.  I can only speak from the faith that I have in the One to whom the questions were first posed, before He was led off to be crucified, buried and resurrected.

The Truth I Have Found

And all I can say is this  – that the truth that I have found urges me to love God and to love others as I love myself. This love is most profoundly demonstrated through forgiveness.

For it is a fact, as we peer down the annals of history, that dogmas, beliefs and religious thoughts have caused more pain and suffering throughout mankind’s history than any other.

So the only lasting antidote to heal the wounds and bridge the gaps between diverse thoughts and strongly held principles is love itself – for it is my experience that it is the only true answer to the riddle of life.

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