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From Divine Spark To Unquenchable Fire

divine sparkPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

There is a place within each and every one of us – a spark lies there – and from that spark is ignited a dream. And from that dream explodes a blaze. And from that blaze there rages an ever-burning fire that cannot be quenched, that cannot be vanquished, because the spark itself is eternal.

This is the eternal flame that resides within the framework that God has placed around your soul. It is the breath of God himself that was breathed into the dust at the very beginning – and once breathed – no matter what enemies continue to conspire – can never be snuffed out. No matter how devious, no matter how deceitful, no matter how detrimental the enemies plans are, this spark remains intact for an eternity.

Fan The Spark Into a Flame

So fan the spark into a flame with your longing to be all that God has created you to be. Place yourself in a windy passage and the embers will be thrust from your hand, and scattered to the four ends of the earth in the form of inspiration and encouragement for others who have for one reason or another allowed their light to dim, to fade and to falter.

But your one single miniscule ember –a spark in flight – will warm them. They will be enlightened. And where there was a frown it will be replaced by a beaming smile. And where there was no hope there will now be a newfound destiny.


Because you chose to place yourself in a place where your light could be shared – often in the cold and lonely place – and yet from that position of vulnerability the world now glows like a sun – a ball of unquenchable fire.