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From Influenced To Influencer

MatchesPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

The circle of friends surrounding your life is of prime importance when it comes to creating a sphere of influence that will spread far beyond that circle.

For like sparks in a fire or ripples formed by a stone in a pond you will at times be astounded how far that influence will travel out from that tiny circle until it encompasses that larger circle known as the earth’s globe.

For as surely as one with a band of twelve has influenced the billions, never underestimate the power of the small and the power of influence that can reach even the nations.

Sit Under His Influence

But in order for you to be an influencer you must first sit under the influence of one who is greater, who has a mind that is broader, morality that is deeper, faith that is stronger and who lives a life that is richer.

Sit at the feet of the Master and drink of His words. Come under His influence and be as the student ever learning, ever growing, and ever expanding.

For the teachable will be the ones who are taught, and those with humility will be the ones who shall be instructed.

And as you learn you will then begin to teach. And as you are influenced you will be positioned in places of influence. This is the treasured state of living under the influence in the truest sense.

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