Strategic Flexibility

The more I pursue the production of The Cross & The Switchblade on Broadway and beyond, the more I am learning about strategy. And in addition to that I am learning about how to be flexible.

Let me explain.

When it’s time to change tact, then change. It’s just like sailing a forty foot yacht. The sails have to be adjusted to capture the ever changing direction of the wind. The same flexible sensitivity is required when bringing a musical to the stages of the world.

The same goes with life. If you stay in a rut – you’ll end up getting run over. Just because yesterday something was working OK, it doesn’t mean that if you repeat it tomorrow, that you will get the same results.

Testing and measuring must never cease if you are going to achieve optimal results.

I’m not waiting for people to hear about my musical. I’m aggressively presenting it to a global audience through the power of the Internet – using email, websites, audio and video presentations and social media. Right now, I’m in the business of creating a crowd!

And that crowd is going to translate in the long term – or short term – if all goes according to plan – into crowds of individuals filling theatres around the world to see this amazing story that I have been priveleged to set to music.

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