Standing At The Feet Of Giants

As I have begun to do a lot of research in relation to my global search for a producer and an audience for my musical The Cross & The Switchblade, I have become more aware of what a privilege it is for me to stand at the feet of those who I would call 20th and 21st Century Giants of the Faith.

I have to be completely honest, when I was first inspired to write the musical, I was not fully aware of the impact that David WilkersonNicky Cruz and John & Elizabeth Sherrill (the co-authors of the book upon which the musical is based) had already had, and continue to have on the generations. They have, and continue to impact tens of, if not hundreds of, millions of people with their message of hope – in person, or through their written, audio and video presentations.

And here I am, a guy from Australia (the land of Up Over) who has been granted an incredible opportunity to carry on that rich legacy through word and music to yet another generation.

I am humbled. I am honoured. I am moved.

I am also challenged to push ahead relentlessly with the accomplishment of my dream – to see this musical played in the major centres of musical theatre all across the globe.

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  • Rick Lawrence on November 5th, 2009

    Well…I LOVE that book, and keep buying them in bulk to share with others. I have given up acting since I am not so sure it pleases the Lord…however, I’m sure he would be happy to let me serve Him in being a part of this if it ever comes to NY. I would audition for the role of David of course!

    I attend his church on Sundays, and find him to be a true man of God. Blessings to you for making more of this wonderful book. The world needs to know this true story, especially NOW.



  • Eileen on November 5th, 2009

    I commend you on doing a musical on the Cross and the Switchblade. I read this many many moons ago and it was inspiring to read I talk about it all the time and most people that I knew have never heard of it or have they never heard of David Wilkerson. I had the privilege to hear David Wilkerson speak back in the ’70’s along with Art Linkletter (sp.) whom daughter died of an overdose of drugs. Mr. Linkletter inspired many children on the Linkletter show in the ’70’s.


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