Serve With Love

To be the least is to become the greatest. The greatest leader is the greatest servant.

Those who rule with an iron fist are despised. They have been devoured throughout the annals of history. Destined for destruction, their self-interest offers no lasting value to humanity.

Sacrificial giving though stands the test of time. It has lasted from time immemorial in the hearts and minds of generations.

Love is the most powerful force known to mankind.

But how can I serve, you may ask? A kind word, a note of thanks, a gift unexpected, a smile unannounced, a hand unrequested, and when wronged, forgiven.

It is the little things that impact lives. They can change the very destiny of a life, the chartered course of a nation and even the very future of our world.

Sow love seeds wherever you go. Plant them unconditionally and watch the bountiful harvest of your life blossom before your very eyes.

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