Rich Living Without The Sorrow

I have just recently become a granddad. So I now have the wonderful opportunity of spending time in the company of one of the most beautiful women in the world – my grand daughter.

My life has changed forever since this little one has entered my life, and as a direct result of her entrance into our lives I have once again started to pray for my heritage.

The other night I found myself meditating on the scripture found in Proverbs 10:22 where it speaks about God depositing riches into my life and with that deposit there is no sorrow.

So many who are rich in this day and age lack one of the most important ingredients – and that is joy.

Money and wealth do not necessarily make one happy. I recently read of a billionairess who died a tragic death as a result of drug overdose. She had everything that money could buy for her except happiness.

So there I was praying for my children, my grand children, my great grandchildren, my great great grandchildren, and as I prayed I found myself not wanting to stop. For in my heart I wanted all the future generations of my family to be rich and to have no sorrow added to their lives. God’s promises are true and trustworthy.

It was mid prayer that I was reminded of the story of King Jehoash who came to the prophet Elisha. The king was instructed by the prophet to take up the rest of the arrows he had not shot from his bow and to strike them on the ground. He did this  – but only three times. Elisha was angry and asked why he had stopped at three and why he had not continued far beyond that number which would have resulted in the total annihilation of the kings enemy. Because he had stopped striking, there was a limit to the blessing received and the destruction of the enemy was not final. They would only defeat them three times.

So I didn’t want to stop praying for the generations to come, and it was then that I added to my prayer the following – ‘Lord I pray that you richly bless all my future generations right up until you return at your 2nd coming.’

There. All covered. All blessed. All rich, and no sorrow added to their riches.

As I asked I believed that I received on behalf of all those in my bloodline who will live on planet earth until the end of time. I rejoiced.

May I encourage you to pray for your family – both those who are presently alive, and for those who are yet to come, and may your family too know God’s richest blessing with no sorrow added to it.

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