Redruth – The Interview

My cousin gave birth to twins many years ago. Who would have thought that these two boys, now men, would be producing some incredible music that is touching the lives of people all over the world.

Their music is great.Their passion inspiring –  so allow me to share them with you.

1. Stephen, who or what inspired you to become a musician?

Music is something that has always been a desire inside me ever since I can remember. My earliest memories involve music, and my love and fascination for it never left. I always somehow sensed that it was a gift God had given me, and he had a plan and purpose for it. It’s that same deep desire and sense of purpose that has kept me pursing music my whole life.

2. You write your own material. How does that work for you and your brother Keith. Who writes the lyrics and who comes up with the melodies?

I’ve always been the main songwriter, usually the one who brings the song or idea to the table. I’ll bring a song to Keith, and he’s quick to give his thoughts and input, which is something I value. And if he doesn’t like something, he’s not afraid to say it! I think we all need people like that around. With our last album ‘Origins’, it was even more of a combined writing effort, having our drummer Gill involved. We took our time working on every aspect of each song, until we knew it was right. Lyrically, we also had some trusted and respected friends to bounce our ideas off, and talk concepts through. We wanted to make sure we really captured what we believe God was wanting to say through each song. For a creative person, that can be a painful process – having your hard work ripped apart by other people! But I learned a long time ago that the end goal is worth the sacrifice.

3. When did music become a passion?

It’s just always been there. But it’s always been a passion for creating and writing, not so much being a ‘musician’. I’ve never been interested in being the greatest guitarist or singer in the world, but always have aimed to write great songs that speak to people. That’s what I felt God leading me into.

4. What is most important to you as a Christian artist?

To me, the most important part of being a Christian is to be abiding in Him, and have Him and his Word abiding in me. It doesn’t matter what our individual call, career or job is, that’s always going to be the priority. If it’s not, than we’ve made a huge mistake.

5. Over the years your music has developed to the point where you’re starting to get some good airplay even in the States, and you even hit number one on iTunes with your latest release. What inspires you?

Every song is inspired by our Faith lives, and what God’s been teaching and revealing to us in His Word. Our new album ‘Origins’ is coming from a strong foundation of Righteousness, and what it means to live on the Earth, as a person who is now right with God. It’s a whole new way to live – it really is good news! Reaching for and going after the life God desires for me inspires me more than anything.

6. Tell us about your performances – what do you expect to portray through your music?

Over the years that Redruth has been going, we’ve done so many different types of performances, in all kinds of different situations. But our goal is always the same, to share the truth of the Gospel with as many people as possible. Our Faith is never in our own abilities as musicians, but it’s in the Word we proclaim.

7. Tell us a bit about Redruth – the origins of the name and what your plans are for the future as Christian artists?

Redruth is the name of a town in Cornwall England, and we have family roots stretching back there. I found out when my Grandmother was putting together some of our family history for a book she was writing, which dated back to her Grandmother. The name immediately jumped out, and I thought it sounded great. But even better, was the heritage of tenacious Faith that my Great Great Grandmother had left, serving and following after God. I believe that it’s come through the generations, and it’s no mistake that we’re continuing on in preaching the Gospel as well.

Our plans for this year include a lot more touring nationally and internationally. We’ve really never been more excited and encouraged by what God’s doing through this ministry. It feels like we’ve only just begun.

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