There are times in our lives when we need to revisit our life’s vision. This is a time of realignment, restructure, refurbishment, recharge and re-vision.

This is so important, because there are assignments sent against us, from time to time, that seek to derail, delay or destroy the vision for our life.

And in order to sustain the visionary quest, we need to make a habit, amidst our daily activity, to draw aside for the refreshing and the refuelling of our dreams.

Personally, it is at these times that I find myself in the company of my Bible, my journal, and a book that challenges me while injecting positive values into my mind. At the same time inspirational music sets the atmosphere for me to receive further instruction.

For a vision’s fulfilment cannot be maintained by one pivotal moment. It needs to be fuelled on a regular basis if it is ever to be reached. Honed and shaped on a regular basis, it will have the greatest chance of being fulfilled.

Your vision needs to be handled tenderly and consistently in a positive manner. For this is the oxygen. This is the sustain, and these are the building blocks.

This in fact is the Re-Vision.

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