Raving Fans

Bless you Peter and may your musical be the biggest hit Broadway has ever seen, and the only one with people getting saved by seeing it! J.H.

Hi Peter,¬† Great video update. Thank you. They are very encouraging and uplifting. Lovely also to hear the Australian birds. I miss that a lot. You are an encouragement to me to walk by faith. Thanks for your input in our lives and team in different ways. Your work and team and family has developed excellently over the years and glorifies the Lord. Go for it… He is faithful. All the very best for 2010. K.H.

Hi Peter I’m really impressed by what you are doing and would be happy to help out. Suggesting to 40 friends is not a big ask anyway. I’m not interested in winning anything so don’t go out of your way with the comp in my case. Just happy to help someone achieve their dreams. Good luck with it all. M.R.

Hi Peter Thank you for the invitation! My husband and I LOVE musicals. In fact, every few years we visit NYC and spend 3-4 days scheduling as many musicals as possible. I’m thrilled to see that this is being made into a musical and will be praying it forward. In the next few days I will spend time exploring your website. It looks really awesome. Blessings to you and your family L.S.D.

Thank you for sharing. We pray for you. The Lord will not fail you. He will go before you to make a way and to open doors for you. Pray all will go well and it will be a huge success, all to the glory and honor of Jesus. Jesus bless you. C.B.

I wish you all the best for your efforts to make this dream come true. As a teenager ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ and ‘Run Baby Run’ were two of my ultimate favorite books and it’s so cool to know other people love them like me. God bless You. P.K.

Thank you Peter for sending this message my way…please visit my profile and read what I wrote to get AT LEAST 40 of my 500 plus friends here to join as a fan of ‘The Cross & The Switchblade – The Musical’ page. J.M.

God Bless You my friend and thank you for pursuing such a life changing challenge from the Lord. All my best to you in accomplishing what God has laid out before you to do…and we know…that HE is faithful to complete that work Which He began in and through us. In His Service, D.Y.

Mr. Sinclair, Thank you for your request to send fan invitations to my fb friends. Sometime ago I sent out invitations and I believed many responded. I just sent out invitations again to fb friends. Here is my request:¬† Hey fb friends…this is a heads-up. I just sent you invitations to become fans of this page. Many of you responded the first time I sent it out. I am sending it out again to about 632 fb friends. If you have ties to the inner city, please become a fan. If you have ties to someone who has a Spanish/Latin/Hispanic background, and you want their lives changed by the powerful Gospel, please become a friend. Thank you, Happy New Year, and God bless! I am originally from NYC. In the movie, I recognized several scenes shot on location. Although I have not yet seen the play, perhaps one day I will. Have a Happy New Year. M.J.H.

So great to hear you pursuing such an amazing dream that only God can fulfill. Looking forward to seeing what God does over the next few weeks & months as the word spreads and BIG doors begin to open. Bless Ya Big!! J.S.

I see that I’ve missed the deadline for the competition. If you still need fans let me know & if there’s anything else I can do let me know. I’m excited to hear of the musical & would like to keep up with your progress….I pray blessings on your ministry, which is what it sounds like to me. Keep me posted & let me know if there’s anything I can do. Because of Christ, K.F.

Peter much much blessings to you..I watched this picture many many years ago and it really touched¬† my heart..we used this DVD on the Isle of Man when we ministered there..with wonderful results..much blessings to your project and may Yeshua use you in mighty ways! Shalom friend! “Berachot! F.V.

I am sorry I am just getting this because I get so many Emails on FB. But I will be behind you 100 % This is a good thing and God needs to get all of the Glory.These Books I have read Helped Transform my Life and For that I am Thankful. God has really Done a work in my Life and My kids Life. I will tell more than 40. Let God be your guide and not only will it be a hit. God will use it to win souls. God Bless you. D.B.

I have invited all my list to become a fan, anything else I can do, let me know. F.M.R.

Thank you for sharing. I invited some friends for you. Hope you get many more. Keep doing His will, all for His glory. Jesus bless you. C.B.

I am on my way out of the house and won’t be back for quite awhile, but I wanted to tell you this. Your videos, even yesterdays, have really been speaking to me of things that God has already shown me. I also have enjoyed reading your blogs. I have even messaged some to others……I just watched your last video and thought it was so true. I also watched yesterday’s, ‘Who’s your Boaz?’ Also very true. This is what I was so moved by in your videos – your heart to encourage others. See, I believe so much of what you have said in these videos. That we are not to “position” ourselves but yet keep faith in God knowing that He sees everything and is indeed in control….God Bless, L.R.M.

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