Personal Branding

Today has been a day of putting into place a lot of the elements that will assist me with the whole process of personal branding – with particular reference to the musical.

I was also able to glean some great information from Gary Vaynerchuk’s latest book which I have featured in  an article entitled Building Your Personal Brand and have already started applying the 21 points that he promotes under the guise of personal branding.

Check them out for yourself and apply them to the development of your own brand.

The Internet today provides us all with an incredible opportunity to develop our own personal brands, and the opportunity to  get the word out in an instant. In the past companies have had to spend millions of dollars to do what we can now achieve for next to nothing.

In addition, more production companies have been contacted today, and I’ve started shopping around for a new camcorder for future video blogs that will be created.

Yes that means that I’m going to step out from hiding behind the world of word blogs – though I still will be found there because I love communicating in that medium, and into the world of video blogs.  Stay Tuned!

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