Passion Is Everything

It’s Saturday morning.

Yesterday was the first day that I sent out emails to a select group of producers and others to get the ball rolling. There is much to do.

In the morning I worked with my web designer to do some further final touches on the website, but then had to leave at midday to pick up a one-ton ute.

My wife wants some chickens, so first stop was to a place that provided me with some building materials that I’ll turn into a chicken coop. And then some friends of ours offered us the wood from a few large trees they were having felled to make way for a new home. So with the assistance of my son we transported over four tonne of wood to our home, that will keep our open fire going for some years to come. So all in all that took us five hours of hard labour – just in time for me to drop the ute back, and then drive to pick up my daughter from work in time for her next appointment. She gets her license in a couple of weeks – so no more taxiing for me.

Oh and on the way she remembered that she had left a parcel outside her hair salon -where she works – in plain view of any thief who walked by. But it was too late to turn back. So I continued on, praying that the parcel would be left alone, and on finally returning, over half an hour later – there was the parcel – untouched.

To my relief it was a book that I’d just ordered entitled ‘Why Now Is The Time To CRUSH IT! Cash In On Your Passion’ by Gary Vaynerchuck’. I thought that it was an appropriate book for me to read at this time as I personally pursue my passion with regards to my musical.

So just before I sat down at my computer, I opened to the first chapter where it reads PASSION IS EVERYTHING.

I haven’t read another word of the book yet….and yet that sums it up. My passion to stage a world class musical in some of the most recognized musical theatre cities of this world is what is driving me. It will be done.


Because of passion.

Whatever it is for you – find your passion and pursue it. For passion IS everything.

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