Our Amazing God

I have just been watching some amazing footage on television of the creation that we can so often take for granted.

In these programs consistently the theory of evolution is bandied about as the final authority and the author of such diversity.

But no big bang and no theory can entice me to think otherwise than that there is a God, an amazing God with an amazing mind that can form such creatures as the centipede, the humming bird, the elephant, the whale, and then there are the towering conifers, the raging ocean, the expansive deserts, the rushing rivers, the soaring mountain ranges, and then the graceful eagles who rise far above them and there is so much more.

Then let us consider the humans whom we love and who we interact with on a daily basis.

Don’t forget the air we breathe, the sunlight that warms us, the rain that refreshes, the wind that cools, and the mist that wisps between the hills.

I warm myself right now as I write this piece by the fire as it licks the wood  and while my cat lies curled up before its warmth.

There is surely a God who has created mankind who builds, and who creates just like the one who first created them. His amazing mind has been transmitted through our minds and has developed such amazing tools as this iPad that I tap upon.

I see the evidence of His hand as I turn the earth in my vegetable garden, marvelling at the worms that squirm and the chickens who pounce to score a fresh and sumptuous meal. Then there are the eggs that await me from those very same feathered friends. Apart from the many and varied vegetables that I pick, cut and harvest from the earth there are the lemons that I pluck from the tree and the passionfruit I pull from the vine.

God is amazing. Truly amazing. Evidence stands in nature before our very eyes of this amazing God whom I call Father and whom you too can call Father if you simply open your heart to the truth.

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  • Great article!!! Was watching something today where a Jewish man said Jews don’t believe in Evolution but in De-Evolution. By that he meant that is science tells us a monkey can evolve to be a man and yet De-Evolution means a man can go back and be like a monkey!

    A monkey does whatever he wants to do. What separates a human from a monkey is his ability to control his desires!!! Love this thought as it flies in the face of conventional wisdom and yet seems blindingly obvious:-)

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