One Night, Three Dreams

Earlier this month I had three dreams in one night. All were vivid, and, rarely does this happen to me, the dreams were in full colour.

God has always spoken to me through dreams, so here are the dreams as they appeared to me…

Dream 1

I was traveling with a group in a car pulling a trailer, and the trailer experienced trouble. The end result was that we found ourselves stranded at a train station. We weren’t going to reach our destination.

Dream 2

I was at a party and I started casting out demons out of a violent woman. Her face turned into multi-colored powder puffs that exploded each time I cast the demon out. A crowd was around watching this weird procession. She was freed.

Dream 3

Lastly, I had a dentist or doctor’s appointment in Sydney. I frantically tried to get there through mazes, stairs, parks, through crowds who were doing the strangest of things and ultimately rang my wife to say I wouldn’t make it. I was exhausted.

Now being familiar with the stories of Joseph and Daniel in the Bible, I asked for the interpretation of the dreams the very next morning, ‘Lord, what are you saying?’

His response was very clear, ‘You are in a spiritual battle that will seek to resist you, but I say this – persist and you will see great victory. Persist. Persist. Persist!’

The enemies plans are always to distract and delay us in reaching the fulfillment of our mission, but victory is ours – through persistence.

And in the words of Bob Gass, let me leave you with this thought, ‘When things don’t go your way, God has plans of His own. Better plans!’

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