One Candle

While I was driving to my office this morning I passed a sign, and from memory it said – ‘It’s better to light one candle than to get angry at the darkness.’ That encapsulates my whole philosophy – taking positive action in a ‘not always positive’ world.

Earlier in the morning I had the opportunity to pray with a young man from Colombia, South America about a personal matter as we chatted about my musical on Facebook. One candle lit.

As I pursue my dream of seeing my musical The Cross & The Switchblade played to audiences on the world’s main stages, I am wanting to light one candle at a time by impacting one life at a time.

And my greatest reward will not be the international success that will accompany the production of this musical, that has been a part of my life for over a decade, but rather to see those impacted by my story and the story portrayed in the musical.

I want to hear of people who have dusted off their dreams, that for whatever reason they have discarded, and to then hear of how they have picked up these God-given dreams and gone again – all the way to success.

We may not be able to change everything that is dark in this world. But we can change something by lighting our one candle.

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