Never Quit

I came across this inspirational piece today and wanted to share it with you…

George Frideric Handel was a musical prodigy. At twenty-one he was a keyboard virtuoso.

When he turned to composing he gained immediate fame and soon was appointed Kapellmeister to the Elector of Hanover (late King George 1 of England). When Handel moved to England his renown grew. By the time he was forty he was world famous.

But despite his talent and fame he faced considerable adversity. Rivalry with English composers was fierce. Audiences were fickle. Sometimes they didn’t turn out for his performances. He was the victim of the changing political winds. Several times he found himself on the verge of bankruptcy. His problems were compounded by failing health. He suffered a stroke which left his right arm limp and damaged the use of four fingers in his right hand. Although he recovered, it left him battling depression.

Finally, at fifty-six, Handel decided it was time to retire. Discouraged, miserable, and consumed with debt, he felt certain he’d land in a debtor’s prison. So on April 8, 1741, he gave what he considered his farewell concert. Disappointed and filled with self-pity, he gave up.

But that year something incredible happened. A wealthy friend names Charles Jennings encouraged Handel by visiting him and giving him a libretto based on the life of Christ. The work intrigued Handel, so he began writing. Immediately the floodgates of inspiration opened. For three weeks he wrote almost nonstop. Then he spent another two days creating the orchestrations. In twenty-four days he had completed the 260-page manuscript of The Messiah.

Thinking of quitting? Don’t! ‘Be steadfast.’

Source: Bob & Debby Gass

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