My Granite Strength & Safe Harbor

‘My help and glory are in God – granite-strength and safe-harbor-God- so trust him absolutely people; lay your lives on the line for him, God is a safe place to be.’ Psalm 62:7,8

I remember walking out of my room one night, while visiting Benin City in Nigeria, and being suddenly hit by a wall of wind that physically pushed me up against the wall of my balcony – and yet God protected me from harm.

I recall the day, when my first daughter was being born, and I had no money. I was hungry, and when I visited the hospital’s toilet cubicle, there in the bowl was a dry, crisp and brand new $5 bill.

I can never forget the afternoon when my young son died in my arms and was raised up alive again as I commanded the spirit of death to leave his body.

I cannot erase from my memory the morning when Jesus appeared to me in a dream, and completely healed my frozen shoulder in an instant when I woke.

My God is not a figment of some religious imagination. He has saved me, healed me, provided for me, interrupted me, corrected me, protected me, helped me, disciplined me, and even talked to me through prophecy and through his Word – the Bible.

He has always been, and is to this day, my granite strength and my safe harbor.

My prayer for you as my reader is that you come to know this God in the same measure – for he is no respecter of people.

If you have a need – cry out to him and he will come to your aid. For the Bible states: ‘Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed, save me, and I will be saved: for you are my praise.’ Jeremiah 17:14

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