My Daily Meeting With The Chairman Of The Board

outdoor-chairsPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

When I meet daily with the Chairman of the Board, it would have to be the highlight of my day.

And he is so unconventional  – so unlike the Director of your Life that many of us have imagined, or have been told to trust in.

For at this meeting it is the oxygen, the blood stream. It is the place of dreams. It is the source of hope. It is the realm of peace. It is the launch pad. It is the shelter. It is the rock. It is the comfort. It is the hug. It is the kiss. It is the joy. It is the tenderness of tears. It is the thunder. It is the expression of love.

I don’t know how people survive without this refuge.

The Still Small Voice

It is the still small voice from which I draw my next breath. It is here where life-changing words guide my life. It is the source of reality.

It is the war room where strategies and plans are birthed. It is the central nervous system of my very existence, because it is the place where I meet Him; the Creator of all things, the inventor, the mastermind, the Lord of life, the King of the universe, my Heavenly Father whom I am proud to call ‘Daddy’.

So it is here that I cuddle up to Him and nestle deep in His arms – sometimes laughing, sometimes crying.

It is here that I am fearless, comforted, restored, renewed – and where I am called to obey His instructions in the knowledge that I will hear His beautiful voice, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’ and it is the place where He calls me His child.

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