Live. Laugh. Dream.

My sister and her family recently gave a gift to my wife and I. It was a beautiful plaque with three words  on it – Live. Laugh. Dream. Every time that I see it I am reminded of the importance of these three words, and I would like to take just a moment to expand on them.


It seems an obvious word. ‘What else are you to do on planet earth?’ you may ask. Well there are two types of people who occupy planet earth. There are those who truly live, and there are those who simply exist.

To exist is to simply survive each day, face each onslaught as they come, and do the best with what you have. To exist lacks any purpose. It simply fills a space, and brings no real value to the earth.They are takers and are not contributors.

But then there are those who really live. They have goals for their life. They are always seeking out ways to be a blessing to others. They are not focused on just themselves or their circumstances, but are rather looking at finding ways to add value to the lives of others. People who really live speak a positive language, are always getting the other person to talk, and are always putting others needs before their own.

Here’s a question for you. If you had a choice, what organ of the body would you like to be? Your overall response should be ‘A liver!’


The Bible states that laughter is medicine to your flesh. So fill your homes with laughter. Don’t be so serious. Learn to find the humor within the situation.

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Lighten up. Tell jokes. Laugh at jokes. Sing silly songs. Make up silly words. Set the tone in your household and your workplace – where laughter is a vital part of your culture. Never laugh at the expense of another, but laugh your way through whatever situation you face, and feel how much better you will feel to make the best of each day.


In the musical ‘South Pacific’ there are the lyrics ‘If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?’ Do I need to add more than that? For dreams to come true, you must first have a dream. And it is never too late to dream.

Many whom I have talked to have already been inspired by my dream to stage my musical on Broadway. It will be my first major show, and I’m no spring chicken(I’m what some would call a late-bloomer) – and yet the dream and the pursuit of the dream has begun to open up a whole new dimension to my life – let alone a whole new group of people from all around the world whom I am now meeting.

So dream BIG dreams. Discard your small dreams. If you’re going to dream, then dream something enormous, and then pursue it with every fiber of your heart, mind and soul. Dream a dream so BIG, that if God isn’t in it, it will surely fail.

Live. Laugh. Dream.

Dream your way to a full and satisfied life.

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