Jesus Take My Life

I had the privilege of speaking to two groups of people yesterday where I shared about God’s perspective on three subjects – Sex, Money and Power.

Heavy topics to cover in 40 minutes. I could have spent weeks just on one of those topics.

After speaking for thirty to forty minutes people were then ┬áinvited to come forward to receive prayer. The people’s needs varied one from another, but the one that caught my attention was an older man who had great difficulty understanding me. He was of Iranian descent.

A young man had invited him to this meeting and proceeded to lean over the older gentleman’s shoulder and whispered in my ear that this man wanted to ask Jesus into his life.

Mid stream I realised that this man had very little command of the English language as I endeavoured to have him repeat after me the prayer of salvation. I gestured. I spoke slowly. I looked into his eyes intently, but he just didn’t seem to understand.

Then I stumbled across four words – Jesus take my life. To my utmost delight he spoke those words straight back at me. That did it. I could see the joy in his eyes after he uttered those four words.

Apparently that afternoon the younger man handed him a Persian bible. He soon discovered that this translation was very different to his English bible. As he was guiding the gentleman to the book of Genesis, the older man corrected him by saying that where he was pointing was in fact the book of Revelation. Anyway they had a laugh and finally stumbled their way through the pages until they finally arrived at the Gospels.

I started to think on those powerful words – Jesus take my life. What do they really mean?

Take my life and let it be salt, let it be light, let it be a city on a hill. Let me be a witness of who He is in my own life.

The young man who brought the Persian to me was an ex drug addict. He shared with me how he was still dealing with his own baggage, and yet he took the time to put his hand out to another and introduced him to the one who could snatch him from the jaws of death and hell.

I was challenged….to once again say to my Lord – take my life Jesus and use me as your vessel of love to this dying world.

How about you?

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