‘I’ve Gotta Go To New York City.’

When I first wrote the song ‘Just A Boy’ which starts with the lyrics, ‘I’ve gotta go. I’ve gotta go to New York City’, I never realized that that burning desire would actually be transferred to me as the creator of the musical ‘The Cross & The Switchblade.’

But with each day on the road towards creating the online presence of this musical, this statement has become more prevalent in my thoughts. And with every bit of action that I am applying to this project, those words keep ringing in my head – that this musical needs to go back to its birthplace.

The questions asked is ‘What has an Australian composer got to do with a city on the other side of the world?’

I’ve been to New York once before – climbed the Statue of Liberty, saw those two tall buildings lost in the cloud cover, before they fell, traveled the subways, eaten a New York pizza and pretzel – and now I want to take my musical back to the city from which the original story was first birthed.

This is what it is to have a dream. This is called destiny. Failure is not an option.

What is your dream? Where do you have to go to see its fulfillment? Dare to dream. It’s scary at times, but at the same time it is exhilarating. Why? Because you may just fool all the critics and naysayers by fulfilling your dream – because you dared to try.

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