It’s All About Team

With the launch of my brand new website The Cross & The Switchblade – The Musical I have been reminded of the importance of having a team.

I have had an awesome team supporting me even to this point, and I know that in order to fulfill my dream for this project I’m going to have to add to that team a growing number of experts and professionals from all around the world if I am everĀ  going to pull off my vision.

Just this morning, as I was listening to the orchestration of the first song in the musical entitled The Killing, created by my son-in-law Jai Schelbach (J.S’Bach), I was once again thankful for the talent that continues to make up my support network.

Jai also assisted me in the creation of all the lead sheets that can now be downloaded and even assisted in getting me in front of a video camera which I know is going to be a powerful tool that I will now use, and get better at using, to build my brand.

So, in order to pursue your dream, realize this – that you can’t do it all on your own.

Gather around you a powerful dream team and watch your dreams come true.

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