Is God A Woman?

I receive interesting emails all the time. But this one caught my attention, so I trust you enjoy it and my response…

Dear Peter

I loved your blog on a successful relationship and that your Christian faith underpins it.

I wonder what your personal definition of God is? Do you see God as masculine or feminine or both or a being beyond sexuality i.e. Neuter. The word God derives from a German word that was originally neuter and with the rise of Christianity became masculine ‘herr Gott’

As a thinking Christian and a woman I am aware of God is defined so much in terms of the masculine and to me God seems both masculine and feminine- what are your thoughts on this I’d love to know if you’ve got time to drop me a line…

And here’s my response…

Thanks for your email.

El Shaddai apparently means ‘breasty one’ in the original language it was written – so I guess that answers both of us.

I do love the fact that the writer of ‘The Shack’ depicted God as a black woman.

Totally rocks all preconceived thoughts of God hey?

This morning as I read the book of Proverbs the writer refers to Wisdom as she.

Can’t think of anyone wiser than the one who gave flight to birds, colour to flowers and all the other amazing things that we take for granted day by day in creation.

My faith is pretty simple though – find myself singing ‘Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.’

Everything else seems to pale into insignificance once I realise that I’m loved, that someone died so that I might have life and that I have nothing to fear in this life nor the next.

Every time I think of that I respond – WOW!

Have an exceptional day!

Peter G. James Sinclair | Heart To Heart Resuscitation Specialist

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