Introduction To 13 Days Of Prayer & Fasting

Musical Creator Sets Aside 13 Days To Pray & Fast For Future New York Production

Between the 16th and 29th January, Peter G. James Sinclair, the creator of ‘The Cross & The Switchblade – The Musical’ has announced that he will be praying and fasting with his direct focus on his proposed future Broadway production.

When asked why he is doing this, Peter responded, ‘Prayer and fasting is a principle laid down in the Bible that is explained as being something that Christians should do on a regular basis. One of the benefits is that it reminds you who is in control.’ And Peter added, ‘And that’s certainly not me.’

During the period of fasting and prayer he will be focusing on….

1. The future audience of my musical ‘The Cross & The Switchblade’.

2. The future producer

3. The theater in New York

4. The future director and the team who will work closely to help Americanize the work so this is relevant to the New York audience.

And why 13 days? Peter answered, ‘It’s been 13 years since I first dreamed of staging my professional musical theater piece, and so I’m fasting and praying one day for each year that it’s taken me to arrive at this point.’

One unique aspect of this 13 day period is that Peter will be recording a daily video blog which will allow him to share with his growing fan base his key thoughts throughout the whole process. Each day a new video will be posted on his blog and then also posted on his musical’s Facebook fan page.

‘I am by nature a private person, but one of the reasons I’m making this such a public event,’ Peter states ‘is to help others to learn of the power and benefit of prayer and fasting – and of the importance of placing whatever projects you are working on in the hands of the one who made us all. Prayer and fasting is not just for priests or pastors. I’m a businessman and this practice is just as important for me as I continue to work in the marketplace’.

Peter added, ‘I’ll not be shutting myself away from the world these 13 days. I’ll be still running my businesses – but with a heightened focus on the one who is directing me with every step towards Broadway.’

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