In The Social Media Trenches, And Loving It!

It’s not as bad as it sounds. There’s no mud and there are no bullets flying above your head.

But I had a look at a video presentation today that encouraged web designers to spend more and more of their working day seeking out connections in the social media world – and as a direct result of those activities – building their personal brand. The same goes with someone who is endeavoring to break into the world of musical theatre.

So that’s where I’ve been for both my web design business and for my musical theatre endeavours today. And it’s amazing who you get to meet.

In addition to that I have been fan- booking and blogging. Fan- booking, you may ask? Yes signing up as a fan on relevant face book pages and building new relationships.

It’s early days yet – but I am learning a lot. One funny thing did happen. I came across a producer’s blog – he’s Welsh – and when I went to read his blog it was all in Welsh. So I posted my English comment – he needs that translation software that we have on all my blogs.

I’m using search.twitter more and more to really start to find out what are the best terms to use to find people who are flocking together with common interests and common needs. Web design is pretty easy as people write ‘Looking for a designer’ or ‘Looking for design help’ but musical theatre is still a little bit of a mystery as yet….but I’m persistent and will find a way forward.

I came across a great musical theatre blog by Lauren Yarger called Reflections In The Light yesterday.

So back to the trenches….though I rather see it as a mountain top with a great view. It all comes back to your perspective.

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