I Like Your Christ, I Do Not Like Your Christians…

‘I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.’ Mohandas K. Gandhi

What a sad summary of those who claim to be ‘little Christs’ by a man who in many ways lived more Christlike than most Christians.

Gandhi was speaking of his generation, but the question is what would he say about today’s generation of Christians if he were still alive?

Now before I start pointing fingers at others I choose to point five fingers straight back in my direction.

And the question I ask myself is this:

Would that be a statement that the great Mahatma would have leveled against me personally? Would he have pinpointed areas in my life that fell short of what Christ has asked of me?

  • Am I a light in this world?
  • Am I salt?
  • Am I a city set on a hill?

…for these are the instructions given to me by Christ.

  • Do I pass judgment on others?
  • Do I try to get the speck out of my brother’s eye while still suffering from a log in my own?
  • Do I lay hands on the sick?
  • Do I cast out devils?
  • Do I go into the entire world and preach the Gospel?
  • Do I demonstrate a pure religion that cares for the widows and the orphans?
  • Do I give with no expectation of return?
  • Do I pray as Christ instructed?
  • Do I speak truth?
  • Do I hunger and thirst after righteousness?
  • Does my tongue bring forth good words and not evil?
  • Can I be trusted?
  • Do I live a life of integrity and consistency?
  • Do I love the unlovely?
  • Do I forgive others?
  • Do I think on those things that are good and honorable?
  • Do I practice what I preach?
  • Do others follow my example as I follow Christ’s example?
  • Am I a hypocrite – say one thing and then do the opposite?
  • Do I work harder for my boss – Christian or non-Christian – than those others who work for them?
  • Do I care for my clients in an honorable fashion as a Christian entrepreneur and businessman?
  • Am I honest in all my dealings with others?
  • As a father do I live a Christian life that my children will aspire to live themselves?
  • Am I proud, or do I live a life filled with humility?
  • When I make a mistake do I accept full responsibility for it and seek to rectify, seek forgiveness and say ‘I am truly sorry”?
  • When measured against Christ – how does my life stand up to the test?
  • Do I speak Christ, live Christ, breathe Christ in all that I do and say?
  • Am I in the light as I am in the dark?
  • Am I in the open as I am behind closed doors where only God can see me?
  • Can we join with the Apostle Paul by saying, ‘I have fought the fight, I have finished the race, and I have kept the faith’?

What would the Mahatma say of yours and my life – Christian – if he were still alive today?

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