Global Google Ads Campaign Launched

Peter G. James Sinclair continues to utilize the power of the Internet to build his global audience for his musical ‘The Cross & The Switchblade’.

After only launching his website a month ago, his site is being visited by people from 46 nations, while his accompanying Blog , that has been created to follow his musical’s journey to Broadway and beyond, while also guiding Peter’s readers in the pursuit of their own dreams, has already attracted visitors from 38 nations. His free e-Book ‘Dust Off Your Dreams’, that is made available to those who subscribe to his Blog, has already been downloaded by scores of people.

The latest push has come with a comprehensive Google ad launch across the globe – with the aim of untapping the hidden audience of this already popular global brand. With the book having sold 20,000,000 copies – from which the musical’s storyline was adapted, and the reported 70,000,000 who have already seen the original film – Peter’s audience is ready to be found.

Peter says, ‘Since launching our online advertising campaign, through social media, I have personally connected with more and more people who have either read the book, seen the movie or even personally met the two main characters from the story – David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz. The overwhelming response from these people is extremely positive. One highlight was having a conversation with a Spanish speaking fan using Google Translator. The Spanish gentleman would write in Spanish. I would copy and paste his words into the translator to see what it meant in English. Then I would write in English, translate it, and then post my Spanish message. We had a perfect conversation.’

In addition to this, Peter is launching a selection of videos – one per week – featuring some of the songs that he has written for the show, and is making them available to his growing fan base to gauge his future audience’s response. To date it has been received with great excitement and much positive comment.

‘By presenting my material in a range of formats – either through professional singers who worked with me on studio productions for some of the songs, or whether it’s just me playing the piano, shot on my own personal video, the response is the same. They are really enjoying the material.’

Peter’s goal to see his show launched on Broadway continues to build. He confidently declares, ‘My strategy is simple – build the audience, one at a time, find the production company to assist me in creating the production, and then lookout New York – here we come.’

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