First The Ripple, Then The Wave And Then The….

Here is a press release featured on prominent Broadway and West End websites this past week….

Future Audience Flocking In Their HUNDREDS To New Musical’s Website

Peter G. James Sinclair is using social media to drive traffic to his musical website and Blog, and since launching his social media marketing campaign only a few days ago – hundreds are already flocking to his fan pages, website and Blog.

Peter says that ‘ When you live in the land of ‘Up Over’ (Australia) and you want to stage your new musical in a nation on the other side of the world – what do you do?’

Well Peter – the creator of ‘The Cross & The Switchblade – The Musical’, which is set in New York City, has embarked upon a rather unique way of not only finding a production company, but at the same time building his future audience.

How has he done that?

‘First I created a website at, Peter adds, ‘where visitors can find out about not only the vision for the project, but also video and audio presentations of a selection of material from the show along with sample PDF’s that can be downloaded that contain portions of the score, orchestrations and the book. Then those who visit the site are invited to request the full copy of both the book and the score for further insight into the proposed production.’

Another interesting feature is that all visitors to the musical website are invited to sign up to an accompanying Blog that is found on the web at and for that they will receive a free e-Book entitled ‘Dust Off Your Dream’ – 35 pages of pure inspiration that has been written by Peter.

Now the unique feature of this Blog is that it has been created for a two-fold purpose. Firstly to track Peter’s journey from obscurity all the way until the show is seen live on Broadway. And secondly, he wants to inspire his readers to dust off their dreams, like he has done with this musical, that he created over a decade ago, and to go again.

And in the words of the creator of The Cross & The Switchblade – The Musical – ‘Watch this space!’

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