Enthusiastically Pursue Your Goals

Carry the spirit of a child with you wherever you go and in whatever you do. For within a child there is a fire lit by God himself, which brings energy and vibrancy to everything he or she touches.

Find an idea that overtakes you. Link it up with a definite plan to bring it to fulfillment and you will discover enthusiasm. It will take you over and through whatever obstacles stand in your way.

Set a goal and reach for it.

Build expectancy with each step. Reward yourself every time you have a little victory. You will experience an enthusiasm that you’ll never lose.

Ideas change things. There is an idea waiting to be found just by you.

Allow your enthusiastic idea to take hold of you. Let it fill your thoughts day and night. Watch the opportunities open up before you. Your enthusiasm will create an abundance of energy; the fountainhead of all your accomplishments.

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