Dust Off Your Dreams

Welcome to my first entry into this brand new blog that I have entitled ‘MyBlackPiano’.

Let me tell you the story in brief of ‘MyBlackPiano’.

Early in 2009 I was led to give away the black piano upon which I had composed my musical ‘The Cross & The Switchblade’. The day was a mix of pain and joy because I knew that my black piano would bless the recipient of the gift.

Soon after, my family and I were forced to move house, and on finally discovering another home – to my utter amazement it came with a surprise addition – another piano. I knew then that it was time to dust off my dream and take my musical to the world. The dream, discarded over a decade ago, was to be pursued once again. It’s my hope and desire, that as others watch the rebirth of my dream, that they too will be inspired to pick up some of their old dreams, and go yet again.

I want this blog to not only track the journey I’m about to embark upon, with the brand new launch of www.thecrossandtheswitchblade.net but to along the way be a place, as I begin to meet more and more people from all around the world, where others can share their stories – from all walks of life –  of how they are taking up the challenge to dust off their discarded dreams and of how they are going again to fulfil their dreams in this lifetime.

So please feel free to share your dreams in response to my entries, and let’s enjoy the exciting journey together here at ‘MyBlackPiano’.

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