Dream Big

Children spend a lot of time daydreaming.

Many a child though, doing it at the wrong time, has been caught though at the brunt of a verbal assault from an adult. But the fact i,s that as a child we’re learning to develop necessary skills that will help us win over mediocrity.

Adults who never achieve in life are usually those who have stopped dreaming.

All the great men and women who have ever lived have been big dreamers.

But if you have stopped dreaming, how can you start to dream again?

This is where you have to become childlike all over again.

Do these simple things…

1. Take a blank piece of paper and pen.

2. Go find a quiet place.

3. Start by writing down all the things you would like to do. have or be.

4. Don’t hold back.

In this way you will unclog your dream machine – and what magnificent things you will discover.

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