Difficulty’s Middle

Albert Einstein was quoted as saying, ‘In the middle of difficulty is opportunity’. And in the Chinese language it is reported that the word for both crisis and opportunity are exactly the same.

Let’s face it. Difficulty can do one of two things to our lives. It can either bury us, and I have plenty of friends and relatives who have allowed it to do just that to their lives, or it can empower us.

I have observed the disabled, the victims of abuse and crime, the depressed, the afflicted, the bankrupt, the tragic, the divorced, the deprived throughout my years, and I have seen some of those in that elite group rise up and continue to contribute to society.

They have not lain down to die, like so many have, but have faced up to their difficulty and simply looked at their life in the face and asked one question: ‘Where is my opportunity?’

That one question immediately draws a line between those who will lose, and those who will win in life.

The fact is that we do not live in a perfect world. But the other fact is that life provides us with a perfect opportunity to rise above whatever tries to keep us under.

Throughout my life I have been handed many an opportunity to simply lay down and die in the face of financial, physical, mental and emotional challenges. But something has continued to rise up within me saying, ‘You have been born for a time such as this.’

So I have lifted myself up off the bed of defeat, strengthened by the prayers and the faith of others in me, and gone yet again. It is at that time that I have pulled out my tattered sheet of paper from my wallet with my goals typed on it, reset them, rewrote them, refined them, and then put together a plan of action  and gone again.

I have learnt that it is never too late to go again. It’s never too late to dust off your dream. It’s never too late to fulfill your divine purpose. You simply have to have the courage to fail again and again and again – all the way to success.

I want to let you in on a secret of mine. I love difficulty. I adore it. Why? Because right smack bang in the middle of it is found the priceless jewel  called opportunity.

Don’t run away from difficulty. Embrace her, and watch what wonderful doors will swing wide open for you when you do so. Doors that will not only add incredible value to your life, but will also flow out and into the lives of those you inspire, simply because you chose to live a courageous life.

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