Death Unveiled

heavenPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

Death. Invader of life. Destroyer of hope. Interrupter of youth. Usurper of health.

So when considering the insidious character named death, we can often be overtaken with a sense of despair and a sense of defeat.

And yet when we consider it in the light of the resurrection, we suddenly realize that ‘absent from the body, present with the Lord’.

The Shedding Of A Flawed Body

Death is in fact the shedding of a flawed body that is to be replaced by the donning of a faultless body. This new arraignment will now allow us to reside eternally in a place of no sickness, no disease, no deformity, no hunger, no disfigurement, no pain and no more death.

So why do we fear death’s poisonless sting, and why do we cry?

For death in one sense is pure liberation. It is freedom in its purest form, and is simply a delayed separation from those whom we love – as if we have departed on an eternal holiday. And yet our separation will be but a breath in comparison to the aeon’s of time that surround us.

The Healing

Death in itself can be a healing that takes us from here, where we reside in pain, into a place of amazing gain.

Certainly death’s early entrance in our lives can be overtaken by divine healing, but yet in the overall plan of the Almighty – the author of the times and seasons of man, it is but a moment.

God at times seems impatient to have our presence in heaven – and maybe that is why so many are taken before grey hair has appeared and old age has knocked on their door.

But what of it?

What incredible celebration in that ‘take’. For the sadness left behind will pass quickly. And before we know it we will once again be joined with those whom we left here on earth. We have in fact been given the privilege to go forth to prepare a place for those whom we love, and for those whom we will live with in blessed eternity.

photo source: prophetic

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