Conquer Your Fear

War unveils the best and worst in mankind. So fight the good fight of faith, for the best fight to fight is the fight you win.

Don’t accept defeat,, but treat it as a minor setback or obstacle that in time, you will overcome. Focus on victory. Have faith in God and yourself. Use upheaveal as a time of learning and a time to consider your future. Begin to dream beyond the battle. Turn turmoil into triumph.

Start by declaring that ‘Today is a great day. I will rejoice and be glad in it!’ Don’t dwell on yesterday. Be anxious for nothing.

Use today to think high thoughts. Dream tall dreams. Meditate on them. Engage in contemplation. Plan mentally. Survey visually. Your burning desire is possible.

Write it down. It will drive you to action. It will lead you along the path of achievement.

Your greatest battle will never be found where armies have fought. Your greatest enemies will never be other nations or nationalities. The greatest enemy of enemies, that has slain multitudes upon the battlefield of life, is fear itself.

Win over fear through action.

If you fear a mountain – climb it. If you fear the ocean – swim across it or build a boat and sail over it. If you fear the wind  – then set your sail and be propelled towards your goal. If you fear the valley or river – build a bridge and traverse it. Whatever fear you have within, face it head on. Confront. Don’t run. For those who run from fear will be overtaken, but those who run towards it will overcome it.

The battle is yours to win. There will always be war, but know that there will alaways be victory as you couragesously face your life and fulfil your dreams.

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