Clean Your Thinking

Greatness is a pearl demanding discovery. Not to be flaunted in a fashion that would allow each and everyone to grasp it easily. Yet it is attainable. For within you lies its seed, but it must be developed.

This calls for a disciplined mind. In its natural state it is an unruly beast, needing to be tamed. Without discipline, it will run hither and thither, prancing from subject to subject. It will gallop from the valleys of negativism to the mountains of positive thought in a flash, and then back again. Oh how unruly is the mind.

Transformation comes from a renewed mind.

Discard slovenly thinking that thrives on gossip, dramatic headlines and negative input. Make it your habit to read and listen to positive material, including of course the greatest piece of literature ever written.

Just as much as your body needs to be cleansed on a regular basis, your mind needs to be washed daily with the clean, running water of uplifting and challenging thought. Wherever your mind goes, your feet will follow and your mouth will speak.

Take charge. Harness it. Train it. Feed it. The pearls of wisdom are available for those who are willing to search. It is not easy work, but when you have found it, filled your mind with it, and applied it in your daily life, you will reap the richest of rewards.

The harnessed racehorse that pushes towards the winning post is guided by the jockey. So too, a clean, disciplined mind will move you towards the winning post of your life.

Compete against your own potential and be the best you can be. You were born to win.

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